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From Principal's Desk
RADHA KRISHNA Co-ed School welcomes you all at fifteenth academic session. With a grateful heart I stand before the Almighty God to thank Him for his constant presence, protection, inspiration and guidance experienced by the RKPS Co-ed family. I sincerely thank my dedicated staff for their devoted, loyal and conscientious services rendered to the school and molding the students to become responsible future. I also wish to thank the parents and well-wishers for their constant support and help rendered and to each and every hand.A big thank you for making your school proud, by being the best.

We began our new academic session by welcoming the tiny tots to the kindergarten wing of our school with hearts over- whelming with love, care and concern. The children took their first step with their parents into the portal of their school with mixed feelings of anxiety, worries and tears not aware that they are beginning an important milestone of their life that will create excitement, joy, friendship, teamwork, lessons and opportunities on a journey of fourteen long years in the school, as the cartwheel of their lives moves on. Excellence is our watchword, a religion we swear by. Join us to experience the radiance of an all-round excellence.

Next we encountered a choice of holistic activities, tuning up with cultural events and passing onto scholastics. This session came to an end with a farewell for to our class X students. With prayerful wishes and heavy hearts we bid them good-bye to begin their next milestone in life. The students can step ahead on their journey of a new life to face challenges, with confidence. They have learnt many things from the text books, teachers and the campus on the whole. They are trained to aspire, acquire, information from their upbeat teachers and the campus has coached them to be stubborn and fortified.

RKPS is the place where a child steps in, to stand afresh with his tender roots sinking into the nourishing soil to become a huge fruit bearing tree, spreading branches of love, sensitivity, brotherhood, joy and peace. I strongly believe that RKPS Co-ed plays a major role in the lives of every pupil to stand firm to face the ever-changing world. They are taught to enjoy the world aright making each one experience the real flow of life in their veins. The school provides a platform for the students to explore their environment to learn, enhance their talents, and instil disciplinary values and venture into the world with a multitude of academic and cultural activities.

May God bless us and keep us ever under the cloak of His all providing grace!